Violaine Barrois is a graphic designer
based in the Marseille area, France

Wine labels

Packaging, Branding, Label, Website

I have been collaborating with my partner Laurent Moure for a couple of years now, his refined taste and very unique take on the french world of luxury brands and wine & spirits has all the most respected clients in the business at our door.

Je collabore avec mon associé Laurent Moure de manière régulière depuis 2016. Référence incontournable dans le Packaging français, j'apprends au contact de Laurent l'équilibre ténu entre envie de modernité et respect de la tradition française dans l'industrie du luxe en France.

Nathan / Editions Syros

Edition, Typography

I have worked with French publisher Nathan for six years now and have collaborated on many of the paperback editions in their young-adults section and of its subsidiary company Syros. I have also worked on animated covers for Kindle, iPad and various web-banners, putting my motion-design skills to the task. Whether printed on paper or displayed on a screen, the attention to detail in this great company that is part of France's cultural heritage has tought me a lot and every single project I am involved in is a thrilling challenge.

Je travaille avec Nathan et les Éditions Syros depuis six ans sur des projets allant de couvertures de livres de fiction pour public jeunes-adultes à des des bannières web animées, en passant par des animations d'introduction pour livres numériques au format Kindle ou iPad.

FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Coporate Identity, Branding, Stationery

Prototype for a cultural mediation tool for the 2017 Olivier Rebufa retrospective exhibition. The Regional Funds of Contemporary Art of Marseille sided with 4 cultural mediators and les Ateliers de l'Image to create a pedagogical toolbox for children : a kit of useful ressources for schoolteachers to use in their classrooms and have kids experiment and play around with the work of the artist. Eight kits will be made and I was asked to create a strong and coherent visual-identity for all of this material.

À l'occasion de l'exposition Olivier Rebufa de Novembre 2017, le Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain s'est associé aux Ateliers de l'Image pour la création de huit valises de médiation culturelle déstinées au milieu scolaire. Toute la charte graphique de ces boîtes était entièrement à créer, en effet ces outils pédagogiques en tout genre consistaient de jeux, fiches de lecture et autres supports d'expérimentation variés pour les enfants dont il fallait créer l'unité visuelle. Voici la V1 du prototype.

Thyssen Bornemisza Madrid

Print Campain

For the extension of this iconic museum, I was asked to create a Print campain for the city of Madrid. The idea was to bring more people to the museum, since the museum had been enlarged. We came up with the slogan 'Más museo' / 'More Museum'. The target audience were people who probably had never set foot in the Thyssen before. Taking six of the masterpieces of the permanent collection, we highlighted quotes from the respective artists that would shed a whole different light on the work.
1. 'In 1920, Miró started listening to music while he painted.'
2. 'When I die, put me in a plastic bag and throw me in the street' Francis Bacon.
3. 'Maybe the only reason I am a painter is I couldn't write' Robert Rauschenberg.
The baseline was 'an Art you've never seen'

Lors de la campagne d'extension de ce Musée madrilène en 2008, il m'a été demandé d'éxécuter une campagne d'affichage Print. L'idée était d'apporter un autre regard sur les oeuvres maîtresses de la collection particulière grâce à une citation totalement décalée de l'artiste.


Textile Design

Spanish brand Quisquillas came to me with the idea of creating a unique collection of prints for their women's clothing line. Taking as a starting point my experiments with lomography and double-exposure photography I played around the idea of mixed media and created a series of very rich silk and satin contemporary patterns. The result was this powerful spring / summer 2018 collection of one-of-a-kind garments mixing contrasting fabrics, hybrid textures and strong visuals.

La marque de vêtements espagnole Quisquillas m'a approchée pour créer une série limitée d'imprimés pour leur saison Printemps / Été 2018.
En prenant comme point de départ mes expérimentations autour de la lomography, la double exposition et le mixed-media, nous avons créé cette collection d'imprimés sur soie et satin.
La ligne multiplie les jeux d'optiques en juxtaposant effets de matières et contrastes de couleurs à ces visuels très contemporains.




No Mountains and Pretty Little Things


I Creative-Directed this project for my good friend, photographer Mathieu Vilasco who needed something more than a business card to stand out in the world of fashion-photography. We created a very simple and elegant limited edition 24 pages-booklet portfolio for him to hand-out to his hand-picked clients.

Direction Artistique du portfolio du photographe Mathieu Vilasco, tirage limité.

The Cosmopoitan Hotel Las Vegas / Digital Kitchen

Broadcast Design, Motion Design

DK was charged with helping The Cosmopolitan establish itself as a refreshing alternative to the typical Las Vegas offering. The “curious class” was identified as their target audience : sophisticated experience-seekers who like to keep life interesting and unpredictable. The task was to convince them that a stay at The Cosmopolitan would be a visual, sensorial, conceptual and pleasure-filled experience. DK took an inside-out approach, looking anywhere and everywhere for opportunities to engage visitors. From lobby columns to the marquee, every space, however remote, seemingly inconsequential, public, private or unusual, was considered an integral part of The Cosmopolitan story. Having already worked with DK a few times in the past, approximately 6 months into the project, they asked me for my creative input. I worked for a month on the lobby video-installation.

2011 Cannes Grand Prix Award, Design  - 2013 LIA Bronze Winner, Environmental Installation

J'ai eu la fierté de participer à ce projet très ambitieux du studio américain Digital Kitchen avec qui j'ai entretenu pendant 5 ans une relation de travail à distance de confiance. Ils m'ont ici sollicitée pendant un mois pour des planches de Direction Artistique et quelques brainstorming nocturnes pour leur installation vidéo dans le lobby de l'hotel.